Rather pleased with the world today. To think that a progressive state of mind might benefit the world. Heaven forbid we lose faith in a country founded on the very freedoms defecated upon by a house unfit for these, our modern times.

So, a victory to us, commoners among ancient gavels—a long awaited and unsettling 52% of our country’s eldest. ‘It gets better,’ or so they say. Cry it out, until the rafters quiver and wake; may they know your worth.

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Tumblr has been had by me once before, but I lacked the motivation needed in order to keep up and quickly lost interest. Regardless, here we are.

My career, as it stands now, falls somewhere between beige, burgundy and a lingering feeling of disconnect, unceasing nervousness, overcompensation and an incitement most asserting.

For your constant stream of faith and reassurance, I thank you.

2 years ago